The Colmar Originals line was created in 2009 and represents the fashion and lifestyle soul of the Colmar Brand. The success and the evolution of Colmar Originals in the years have led to the development of a complete collection that joins the outerwear range, so as to complete your wardrobe, to create an actual “Total Look”. The peculiar features of Colmar Originals remain the same, easy to recognize, while the stylistic inspirations and the atmospheres of the collections change according to the trends and the creative visions, in order to offer to the public an evolution of the collection that is always up-to-date and innovative.

Colmar Originals is proposed like an urban-lifestyle, trendy line, inspired by sportswear. The roots and the positive values of sport are not forgotten, on the contrary, lines, materials and fit are the result of the DNA and of Colmar’s almost centennial history.





Outerwear & skiwear

Men, women